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movie thoughts: The Art of Getting By

This one.

I’ll admit, I’m totally drawn to this type of movie: quirky, indie, down to earth, not much rah-rah action– hopefully just a good story that’s well acted and with characters that I can become emotionally invested in. And The Art of Getting By does that… well, mostly.

This isn’t going to be my favourite movie ever, but I’ll happily say I enjoyed it and had many positive aspects that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to my friends. It’s a teen movie (yes, the make or break factor of child actors come up again) and I thought both Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts were great. They didn’t ever make me cringe because of acting (so thumbs up).

The movie itself is relatively quiet, it tells the story of George- a smart, sensitive and artistic student who contemplates the meanings and intricacies of life, yet cares naught for school- in his senior year. The girl he’s crushed on for years suddenly becomes part of his life as their stories come together for a dance then move apart, only to leave him feeling alive for the first time– and it’s cliched and predictable and yet… lovely. I loved the character of George and the way he was portrayed, but I didn’t care much for Sally. I really liked the role of the secondary characters and subplots, particularly that of George’s parents and less than perfect marriage. I thought it was realistic and well done.

These high school characters I didn’t find particularly realistic, yet I found their faults refreshing. The attitude George has for school is believable, as is Sally’s own need to escape her town, but I thought the extra bits– the philosophical side to George might be pushing the boundaries (or maybe I just need to meet more people like him). That said, I found him a sympathetic character and capable of carrying a movie such as this one.

Overall: B

In a scribble: Not exactly the most original thing out there, The Art of Getting By is kind of what you would expect and doesn’t disappoint: a thoughtful look at two teens growing up and discovering the ups and downs of life and love.

Bookish tie-in: definitely a contemp YA, I’d probably recommend Paper Towns by John Green — quirky and thoughtful 🙂