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Leverage 4×18: The Last Dam Job

alternative title: Bring back ALL the people!

Okay, this is gonna be a short post that I might come back and edit later. Some thoughts on the episode:


  • I think the thing with this series is that since the first season, the bad guys haven’t been… bad enough. And that remains true for this one because I just couldn’t find Latimer or Dubenich as a convincing villain, he just bumbled around and never seemed… cunning, smart, and evil enough to take down the team. It was kind of a joke because I never doubted for an instant that Nate would succeed, which makes this finale while still solid, not my favourite.
  • I loved Chaos. “Say my name” LOL. And all those amazing lines
  • Quinn is seriously hilarious, I wish he could be around more because him and Eliot rock together, I loved the part when he’s like “can I just hit him?” “which one?”
  • DAMMIT HARDISON. I need that quote on a t-shirt!
  • Ahhh, Hardison calling Archie “sir”, and then Chaos commenting on it
  • Parker cares!
  • “he looks like a slapped mackerel”
  • I really liked some of Eliot’s super-sub-plots here, especially regarding Nate and killing


So, overall, the baddies could have been much badder, but it was such an enjoyable episode and I loved that they brought back some awesome characters.


Grade: B+

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