GREY’S ANATOMY 8×10: Suddenly

alternative title: No More Dead Dogs People!


Okay, here’s the deal with me. I rarely cry in movies/TV Shows/books, but sometimes I just feel like I want to cry and I go into a book expecting (or hoping) maybe some tears and considering what shizz went down in the last episode before the break (like dude, that was just… cruel) I was ready. I brought tissues.

Little did I expect what happened. Oh gosh. As usual, I skip a recap (or actually, here’s a super mini one: 1. Henry’s dead. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS TRAGIC SO MANY TEARS. 2. Cristina has to hang out with Teddy as they joke and laugh and TEDDY DOESN’T KNOW. 3. This girl’s parents die and she SEES THEM BOTH HAPPEN (they were in that car crash with Mer and Alex) ON HER BIRFDAY. 4. Something with Bailey and Torres and Alex which was NOT AS IMPORTANT) and just go on to highlight moments and my thoughts and reactions, and perhaps some verbatim texts b/w me and my friend.

  • Teddy is being all nice about Cristina and I’m just like *sads*
  • and okay, I know I tend to focus on one thing and forget the rest… thus, the whole deal with Sloan/Julia/Lexie was all meh. Okay, okay, I might be more concerned next episode, I mean, it did bring up another love triangle and we all know how many love triangles Grey’s has had…
  • Alex! Uh oh, should I be concerned?? :/
  • Cristina mocking Kepner was pretty funny, I’ll admit that.
  • EVERY TIME they mention Yang or Henry or Teddy I just feel awful. Awful. Shonda Rhimes makes me care for these characters TOO MUCH it is NOT COOL TO BE MESSING AROUND WITH ME LIKE THAT.
  • the tears start with the “I just turned 18 four hours ago” MAKE IT STOPPPPPP
  • someone lives! Yay! If only I cared because it seems like EVERYONE IS DYING WTF
  • there is a nice Julia/Lexie moment there somewhere amidst ALL THE DYING.
  • when the dad dies 😥 so so so 😥
  • something is happening between Bailey and that other guy, and I don’t care too much for it either, even though I love Bailey (yes, I know, priorities!)
  • Teddy goes to the morgue. No. No. NO. NOOO.
  • Me and my friend texting:

Her: Omg audweey this isn’t ok she better not pull up that sheet.




Me: I knooooooow whyy

Her: :”'(

Me: So many :””(

Her: Legit 😥

  • Trust me. It was tragic. I was totally crying and yes, I totally loved Henry/Teddy and I don’t care what you think.
  • but the end!! THE END! Okay, whatever, I’ll stop being gleeful because I never really *loved* the Mer/Der/Zola storyline, and yay they’re bringing Zola back but I know there’s gonna be more drama, probably surrounding Alex too…
  • I’m probably looking forward to whatever happens to Teddy and Cristina the most for next week. (both characters were fantastic in this episode, if you don’t mind me vomiting more of my opinion onto your screen)

Oh gosh. Okay. And my bullet points are not in sync with the actual timeline because I’m writing this post after the episode and I don’t have any notes. Shucks.

What did you think of the episode?! AGH WHO CRIED?! *raises hand*


Grade: A-

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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 7×13: Tailgate

alternative title: mish mash sentimental new year

Basically, there was a lot of things going on in this episode. As Marshall visits his dad’s grave in Minnesota for some old-school traditions, he recounts the story of New Year’s Eve and what happens with the gang. Now I’m not here to recap the episodes, just drop my random thoughts. Overall, I did want a bit more from the episode, especially since the ones leading up to the Christmas break have been amongst my faves (yeah, I really dug those cliffhangers) but this one was nice. It made me smile.


  • LOL Marshall and his Enigmas of the Mystical book and the egg salad sandwiches
  • that phone call did make my heart hurt for Lily a bit
  • douche-nozzle!
  • bleurgh, I’m constantly reminded by how much I ship Barney and Robin… I love you Kal Penn but I hate Kevin!
  • Sandy Rivers really had some golden lines
  • and now I’m eagerly anticipating Robin’s storyline, though I wasn’t too impressed with her New Year’s shenanigans
  • the deal with Puzzles was… underwhelming
  • “that’s my girl” NO IT’S BARNEY’S GIRL GTFO
  • the end with Lily’s Dad mad me happy and way too sentimental for my cynical heart ❤ So did the part with Marvin.


Overall: C+ for average


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SHERLOCK 2×01: A Scandal in Belgravia

alternative title: Brainy is the New Sexy


(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you! Sherlock is a BBC series that adapts Sherlock Holmes to the 21st century and it is ahmaaaaaaaazing)

My most hotly anticipated show of 2012 seriously did not let me down, as the first episode of series 2 started and finished with me at the edge of my seat. As you should become more familiar with my blog, a lack of coherency should be expected.

OMGGGGG DID YOU SEE THAT DID YOU SEE THAT?? So much amazeballs, I can’t even.It’s hard to sit back and soak all the brilliance in when all I wanted to do was absorb and decode EVERYTHING that happened.

The episode was just brilliant. Fastpaced, funny, precise, smart, and with such marvelously portrayed characters and filmed with a sense of style that is very pleasing. And this is coming from someone who knows nada about filmmaking but I can still spot the difference and uniqueness of its style. The plot was convoluting but fantastic, I can’t think of a more apt description. I’m completely unfamiliar with the book series by Doyle but this episode just blew me away. The details of the characters, the text messages, the small glances, the off-handed comments, I loved every moment of it. I loved the way John and Sherlock’s relationship was developed and explored, but I also loved the portrayal of Sherlock Holmes by Benedict Cumberbatch. At the end of the episode (with one big revelation after another after another) we learn that Sherlock isn’t the invincible know-it-all and sometimes things do crumble and ‘the game’ crosses over to something much bigger. But you see all these sides to him that might be less than socially acceptable, yet you can’t help but totally sympathize with him.

But WHATEVER I just want to mention AGAIN all those little parts I liked, because hell, this is a new blog and I made no rules for myself.

  • the part when Mycroft says “shut up, Mrs. Hudson” and Sherlock and John both yell at him. Then Sherlock’s little comment right after :p
  • pretty much EVERY scene with Mrs. Hudson actually, by gosh, I love that woman
  • ^^ that character is just… @_@ LOOOOVED her and her role
  • oh poor Molly, I really do feel bad for you
  • “we’re not a couple”… “yes you are” (I don’t even ship them!)
  • THE ENDING OMGOSH THAT ENDING. to say I did not expect that would be an understatement… I need to stop underestimating our Sherlock here

So there you have it. My fresh thoughts on Sherlock… oh what did you think of this episode?

ultimate re-watchable movies

She’s the Man — Yep, the one with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, and the soccer and the OMG HILARIOUSNESS. On a basic level it’s just entertaining, and it pretty much lacks depth and meaning but damn, is it rewatchable. And sooner or later, you’ll realize that in my mind, rewatchable is synonymous with quotable and holy shizz is this movie quotable. I feel like the sheer amount of lulz is enough for me to flip to the channel it’s on whenever I see it on the TV listings.  The tampons, Eunice, Olivia, tarantula, cheese, ex-girlfriend (Monique), sideburns, the coach… it just makes me happy.

Viola: and when I close my eyes, I see you for who you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY

How to Train Your Dragon — Pretty much my favourite animated movie that I watched in 2011 (though Tangled does make quite a case for itself)… it has heart. And it’s has its totally adorable and totally heartwarming moments, along with some awesome music and an attention-grabbing plot. Hiccup is quite the unique character, and so easy to sympathize with, and throw in those dragons… it makes for a great movie. I’ve seen this at least four times now.

Mean Girls — I feel I shouldn’t even need to explain this. It’s seriously a modern classic if I’ve ever seen one. How many times can you quote Mean Girls in a day? The limit does not exist!

Iron Man 2 – My go-to feel good movie full of witticisms that are hit-or-miss depending on the person (a hit for me, for sure), a snarky hero, and awesome action

Pride & Prejudice (2005) – because ohmygoshswoonIlovethismovie

[yes, this list will be updated sometime]

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Hello & Introductions!

Welcome to my new blog!

Things to know:

-this blog will focus on TV Shows and Movies (and books that tie-in to movies and so on)

-perhaps you are here because you are less bookish, and want to be entertained. Thus, prepare for bad sentence structure, lots of emoticons, MAYBE SOME CAPS LOCK, point-form posts, and a general lack of elegance.

-perhaps you don’t even care about movies and TV, then I’d love to direct you to my book blog, holes In My brain, where I read and review Young Adult books.

-lastly, I created this blog because it’s winter break and I’m bored. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it when I start school.

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