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movie thoughts: Olympus Has Fallen

This one.


Ahahahaha I am totally procrastinating studying for finals so I thought I’d update this little blog for fun.

Firstly, I’m annoyed that it feels like there’s zero good movies out in theatres right now… I mean, nobody wants to go watch Jack and the Beanstalk, or the Wizard of Oz + hot air balloons (I’m very surprised by their “success” to say the least). Anyway, I went to watch Olympus Has Fallen and my expectations were… low. What I expected: Die Hard in the White House. What I got: Die Hard in the White House, the rated R version, R for Ridiculous amount of Deaths.

But I’m someone who’s always loved action flicks, and ultimately, that’s what this movie is. It’s not particularly original (it uses some tropes but doesn’t rely on them too much) and it’s honestly quite (veyr) forgettable, but heck, nobody really expects depth, do they? Gerard Butler goes around dismantling those crazy North Koreans, there’s some interesting hostage situations (I like how they attempted to develop the bad guy. I also like it when the bad guy “brings it” and actually kills some hostages to show he means business, it just makes it much more interesting than a world leader with a finger on the trigger shouting Wolf all the time…*ahem*). There’s a nice balance of hand-to-hand combat, John-McClane snark, explosions, guns, and the dumbest people directing a helicopter attack ever.

Things I appreciated: they tied up ‘story lines’ that had the potential to be  cliche quite quickly, thank god. If I spent a whole movie waiting for Gerard Butler to find the President’s son, I would have died. There was also another scene where I thought the bad guys would go kidnap the the main character’s wife, but that didn’t happen either (yay!). I don’t really know what else to say, really, just that the the violence is definitely heightened, and that it looks very similar to the summer movie, White House Down. 

Overall: C+ (decent entertainment, average film, forgettable. Nothing I particularly hated)

In a Scribble: Olympus has Fallen ticks all the boxes for “decent entertainment”, including a likeable protagonist, some Michael Bay-esque explosions, lots of action, and saracsm; however, it’s ultimately it’s kind of forgettable an hour after walking out of the theatre.

Bookish tie-in: Maybe an older version of Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan– lots of action, not too much depth, and pretty fun.


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Hello & Introductions!

Welcome to my new blog!

Things to know:

-this blog will focus on TV Shows and Movies (and books that tie-in to movies and so on)

-perhaps you are here because you are less bookish, and want to be entertained. Thus, prepare for bad sentence structure, lots of emoticons, MAYBE SOME CAPS LOCK, point-form posts, and a general lack of elegance.

-perhaps you don’t even care about movies and TV, then I’d love to direct you to my book blog, holes In My brain, where I read and review Young Adult books.

-lastly, I created this blog because it’s winter break and I’m bored. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it when I start school.

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