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SUPERNATURAL 7×11: Adventures in Babysitting

alternative title: I call it Being Professional / Where’s Bobby?


Oh Supernatural. Ending on quite a depressing note before the winter break, as sad as I was, I did hope they wouldn’t try to bring back Bobby by some extraordinary measure because “Death’s Door” really was a touching episode. And I guess they didn’t, but I felt like this week it was a lot more quiet than I was expecting. Thus, the somewhat lessening of caps lock. My thoughts:

  • Oh no. Is this New Moon or something?
  • good, they’re doing stuff. Good. *sniff*
  • Aaaaand, yep, Bobby’s dead.
  • this girl Krissy calls because her hunter father hasn’t returned, Sam goes to check it out while Dean pursues leads with the numbers Bobby wrote right before his death
  • I really, really didn’t like the way Krissy was acted. Bleh. Try-hard sassy. And another reason I find myself hating child/teen actors all the time. (sorry!)
  • my poor heart hurt during those scenes between Dean and Frank (the hacker dude).. it’s like a kind of depressing, heavy-hearted “oh” (minus the pretty funny Gwenyth Paltrow is a Leviathan moment)
  • when they go to the field, it was boring
  • WHY IS IT ALWAYS SAM? but then again, if it was Dean who got captured, I’d say the same thing. These brothers just can’t keep themselves away from trouble
  • GAH Krissy, get out.
  • seeing the scenes between Dean and Krissy in the car reminds me how much Dean has grown up and matured through the seasons, and how much shit he’s seen and gone through. It kind of makes me both nostalgic and sad.
  • That capture scene and the Krissy barges in and I’m like *facepalm* I HATE YOU KRISSY but then I guess she redeems herself and I hate her a bit less, but I’m still not really a fan.
  • I like how Dean told Krissy (and her dad) to have a normal life, it makes me… I don’t even know.
  • the last convo between Dean and Sam in the car.. I don’t know how to feel. It scares me to think that sometimes they’re losing hope and again, how much they’ve been forced to undergo in the years. Ah well.
  • then Dean’s sad smile at the end. waaaaaaah.

I did wish there was more of Bobby addressed, but I get that the quiet followup to that emotionally draining episode, it just kind of fell flat for me personally though. Minus a few key development scenes (I’m thinking Dean/Frank here), the plot and monsters were formulaic and sure, there was some set-up for future Leviathan shenanigans (that field) but it was slightly boring. I wished this episode could have done good with either more emotion (that wasn’t just mopey beer-drinking) or more action.

Next week does look a bit more sparkling though, eh?

Grade: B-

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