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GREY’S ANATOMY 8×10: Suddenly

alternative title: No More Dead Dogs People!


Okay, here’s the deal with me. I rarely cry in movies/TV Shows/books, but sometimes I just feel like I want to cry and I go into a book expecting (or hoping) maybe some tears and considering what shizz went down in the last episode before the break (like dude, that was just… cruel) I was ready. I brought tissues.

Little did I expect what happened. Oh gosh. As usual, I skip a recap (or actually, here’s a super mini one: 1. Henry’s dead. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW IT WAS TRAGIC SO MANY TEARS. 2. Cristina has to hang out with Teddy as they joke and laugh and TEDDY DOESN’T KNOW. 3. This girl’s parents die and she SEES THEM BOTH HAPPEN (they were in that car crash with Mer and Alex) ON HER BIRFDAY. 4. Something with Bailey and Torres and Alex which was NOT AS IMPORTANT) and just go on to highlight moments and my thoughts and reactions, and perhaps some verbatim texts b/w me and my friend.

  • Teddy is being all nice about Cristina and I’m just like *sads*
  • and okay, I know I tend to focus on one thing and forget the rest… thus, the whole deal with Sloan/Julia/Lexie was all meh. Okay, okay, I might be more concerned next episode, I mean, it did bring up another love triangle and we all know how many love triangles Grey’s has had…
  • Alex! Uh oh, should I be concerned?? :/
  • Cristina mocking Kepner was pretty funny, I’ll admit that.
  • EVERY TIME they mention Yang or Henry or Teddy I just feel awful. Awful. Shonda Rhimes makes me care for these characters TOO MUCH it is NOT COOL TO BE MESSING AROUND WITH ME LIKE THAT.
  • the tears start with the “I just turned 18 four hours ago” MAKE IT STOPPPPPP
  • someone lives! Yay! If only I cared because it seems like EVERYONE IS DYING WTF
  • there is a nice Julia/Lexie moment there somewhere amidst ALL THE DYING.
  • when the dad dies 😥 so so so 😥
  • something is happening between Bailey and that other guy, and I don’t care too much for it either, even though I love Bailey (yes, I know, priorities!)
  • Teddy goes to the morgue. No. No. NO. NOOO.
  • Me and my friend texting:

Her: Omg audweey this isn’t ok she better not pull up that sheet.




Me: I knooooooow whyy

Her: :”'(

Me: So many :””(

Her: Legit 😥

  • Trust me. It was tragic. I was totally crying and yes, I totally loved Henry/Teddy and I don’t care what you think.
  • but the end!! THE END! Okay, whatever, I’ll stop being gleeful because I never really *loved* the Mer/Der/Zola storyline, and yay they’re bringing Zola back but I know there’s gonna be more drama, probably surrounding Alex too…
  • I’m probably looking forward to whatever happens to Teddy and Cristina the most for next week. (both characters were fantastic in this episode, if you don’t mind me vomiting more of my opinion onto your screen)

Oh gosh. Okay. And my bullet points are not in sync with the actual timeline because I’m writing this post after the episode and I don’t have any notes. Shucks.

What did you think of the episode?! AGH WHO CRIED?! *raises hand*


Grade: A-

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  1. January 6, 2012 at 12:10 AM

    To me the episode jumped around a little too much. Sometimes I was stunned to think did I blink because were we not with a different patient a moment ago. Then you realize this episode continue from the previous straight on and these people are working almost 36 hours straight by the episode end.
    To me the turning point was Teddy a) admitting she needed someone as good or better and that it was Christine but don’t tell her that. b) Teddy whooping it up to stay awake. c) Teddy being successful.
    Meredith seemed to be running around here and there and did she ever get stitches or her head looked at?
    Bailey was in her own little world at times and it felt private so you wanted to tune her out for modesty.
    Sure there was some great character development like when Torres laying down the line she was responsible for the patients death not her intern because he’s her responsibility however there seemed to be too many invasive moments that wanted you to give the characters their own space and while that can make the episode a tear jerker it also alienates the viewer wanting them to as said before give the character some modesty.
    Next week is the start of sweeps so expect some stunt casting and torrential emotional episodes.

    • screensandscribbles
      January 6, 2012 at 10:52 AM

      Oh definitely, I think that contributed to me not really caring about half the storylines (and I realize I forgot to mention Torres/Jackson at all– my bad, but I agree that that was a great display of character growth). Teddy did really have some shining moments, which just made me sadder, haha. I’m seriously looking forward to the upcoming episodes

  2. January 6, 2012 at 6:16 AM


    • screensandscribbles
      January 6, 2012 at 10:50 AM

      I knoooooooooooow *sniff*

  3. January 6, 2012 at 6:17 AM


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