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HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER 7×13: Tailgate

alternative title: mish mash sentimental new year

Basically, there was a lot of things going on in this episode. As Marshall visits his dad’s grave in Minnesota for some old-school traditions, he recounts the story of New Year’s Eve and what happens with the gang. Now I’m not here to recap the episodes, just drop my random thoughts. Overall, I did want a bit more from the episode, especially since the ones leading up to the Christmas break have been amongst my faves (yeah, I really dug those cliffhangers) but this one was nice. It made me smile.


  • LOL Marshall and his Enigmas of the Mystical book and the egg salad sandwiches
  • that phone call did make my heart hurt for Lily a bit
  • douche-nozzle!
  • bleurgh, I’m constantly reminded by how much I ship Barney and Robin… I love you Kal Penn but I hate Kevin!
  • Sandy Rivers really had some golden lines
  • and now I’m eagerly anticipating Robin’s storyline, though I wasn’t too impressed with her New Year’s shenanigans
  • the deal with Puzzles was… underwhelming
  • “that’s my girl” NO IT’S BARNEY’S GIRL GTFO
  • the end with Lily’s Dad mad me happy and way too sentimental for my cynical heart ❤ So did the part with Marvin.


Overall: C+ for average


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  1. January 3, 2012 at 9:29 AM

    I agree with your rating however this is the third New Year’s episode to lose context with past New year’s episodes. Wasn’t Marshall trapped waiting for Lily at an airport with a marching band one New Year’s then how did he get to tailgate with dead dad in Minnesota? What was the context in telling this story to the kids in 2030, Ted? Why was Lily left so isolated this episode like she was in the one room for the entire scene? Couldn’t Lily have had a flahback to her Dad steally the Babysitter’ Money? Marshall got a flashback. Barney has had flashbacks. Even Robin has had Canadian flashbacks. Why doesn’t Lily rate? Sure it’s a kiddie roller coaster ride of an episode but only barely to C+ levels. BTW quit being such a drag on Kevin he knows he’ the fifth wheel here that’s why he’s Woody the bartender from Cheers.
    Is Sandy River’s really Anderson Cooper?

    • screensandscribbles
      January 3, 2012 at 12:51 PM

      OHH! I’ll admit I didn’t even consider that! But you’re completely right, now that I think about it. And thumbs up for more Lily flashbacks! Haha too bad for Kevin, I get the position he’s in but I can’t get myself to like him, I think you might just have to put up with my irrational antics.

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